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Xiantao Huafu Plastics Product Co., Ltd

    Contact Us

    Name: Qianwen Fu
    Tel: +86-728-3236009
    Fax: +86-728-3253489
    Mobile: +86-13607227151
    E-mail: xthuafu@www.philmoreluxe.com
    WeChat: 13607227151
    QQ: 273043824
    QQ: 273043824 xthuafu@www.philmoreluxe.com

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    Xiantao Huafu Plastics Product Co.,Ltd is a professional large-scale manufacturer of disposable PP(Polypropylene)、PE(Polyethene) and CPE(Chlorinated Polyethylene) products for health protection, such as PE shower caps,PE steering wheel cover, PE clip cap,non-woven bouffant caps,non-woven face masks, PE shoe covers, and non-woven coat and so on.
    Our company was established in 1997(Rename our company in 2007), and we have many years of history in the disposable products industry. Located near Wuhan, we enjoy convenient water, land and air transportation. Our company employs more than 200 workers,and employ experienced technical and management personnel, through the efforts of our entire staff, we have become a strong disposable non-woven、PE、CPE product manufacturer. 
    HUAFU people have continuously tried to improve product quality.Currently,our products have alreadly exported to America,France, Australia,Japan and 20 other countries and regions. Our company regards “reasonable prices, efficient production time and good after-sales service” as our tenet. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits. We welcome buyers contact with us.
    Factory & Pictures
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    Online service

    273043824 xthuafu@www.philmoreluxe.com


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